1. Contact ADEISS through info@adeiss.ca with questions/request for order.

2. The ADEISS team will send an information form to each customer to learn more about the project. Once the customer has filled out an order form with the necessary information (e.g. part quantities), they will return it with CAD files (SLFPRT, stp, SH, etc.) to ADEISS.

3. ADEISS will then return a quote with details of costing and the design process.

4. Once the customer chooses to accept the quote, the customer will issue an advanced

5. Once the purchase order or payment has been received by ADEISS, production of the ordered part(s) begins.

6. Once the part has been inspected by ADEISS’ quality management team, the part is packaged and prepared for shipment.

7. The ordered device(s) is then shipped to the customer.