ADEISS makes it possible for researchers, clinicians and industry partners to design and fabricate functional medical devices, implants, surgical tools and intra-operative guides at a rapid pace, in an interactive and adaptive environment.

Using data from CT scans, ADEISS is able to develop a high-definition 3D view and physical model of a patient’s anatomy. ADEISS technicians then work with clinicians to print devices customized to the anatomy of individual patients.

Compared to traditional manufacturing approaches, ADEISS’ patient-specific designs and prints are achieved in a shorter time frame, at a lower cost, with maximum precision. Using additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping, clinicians are able to plan upcoming procedures, ensure the precise fit of devices, and explore innovative solutions to complex medical problems.

As clinicians continue to forge the path towards improved healthcare and better patient outcomes, ADEISS is prepared to support medical innovation by building devices that lead the standard of healthcare in Canada.

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